ASEAN Tech Summit


July 18, 2019

500 Startups Headquarters

814 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


Join us for the first ever ASEAN Tech Summit in Silicon Valley bringing together technologist, investors and founders from Southeast Asia or interested in expanding to Southeast Asia.

The objective of the conference is to build our community, to collaborate amongst each other in order to impact the region and the world. This conference is built by the ASEAN community for the community.

The topics/panels include:

  • Investors Panel: The investment opportunities between Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia

  • Tech Panel: Southeast Asians in tech: The latest best practices for the top tech companies

  • Founders Panel: Perspectives of starting a company by a Southeast Asian or in Southeast Asia

  • Corporate Panel: How ASEAN companies are looking to tech for their transformation

Confirmed speakers already include:

  • Eddy Chan, Intudo Ventures

  • Earl Valencia, Venture Advisor (various start-ups)

  • Binh Tran, 500 Startups

  • Christina Hsiang, Startups Greater Asia

  • Jane Sajeekarn Prescott, Investment Manager, Ventures, SCG (Siam Cement Group)

  • Murat Wahab, Director, SFAsia (City of San Francisco)

  • Mika Reyes, Product Manager, Linkedin and Co-founder of Cognity Labs

  • ... and many more to come!